Road Trip 101

Road Trip 101

“Road Trip!!!!” Such exciting words! I love picking a destination, planning the route and all of the stops along the way. Then of course there’s the snacks. Traveling with kids? That’s a whole different ballgame. We’ll cover it all. Let’s go!

Let the Planning Begin

Where are you going?? Want to be spontaneous? Awesome, but even a spontaneous road trip needs some general direction. The internet, GPS and the like have made it really easy to navigate a road trip. However, to make the most of the experience, I encourage you to do a little research. With more than 9.5 million square miles to discover, a North American road trip knows no bounds. In just about any corner of the US, you can visit a National Park or a unique roadside oddity. These make for great opportunities to take a break from driving and to snap a few Insta-worthy pictures.

You have your plan- woohoo! Now, it’s time to make sure that you can take this road trip safely. Time for the tune-up! This website has a short, helpful list of things you should do to your car to limit the potential need for roadside assistance!
How to Plan a Perfect Road Trip for Beginners in 6 Steps (

Hit the Road, Avoid the Bickering!

I have 3 kids and we have spent MANY hours driving from here to there and back again. I am the Pinterest Queen, as are many of you….I’ve seen all of the creative, awesome suggestions for car entertainment. While many have helped, the ONE thing that has been tried and true ever since we first tried it is audio books! I am still amazed at how a good audio book can keep us all engaged. Quiet, and engaged. Bye-bye bickering, hello peace and quiet. We often rent books from our local library, but the good ones are sometimes gone when we need them. This is how we discovered Audible by Amazon. Not only do we listen to books on Road Trips, my kids listen to their favorite audio books every night before they go to bed. Score! You can try Audible free here:

Another fun option, reminiscent of my childhood, License Plate Bingo! I made some East Coast bingo cards that you can print out free here: License Plate Bingo ( and some West Coast bingo cards that you can print out free here: License Plate Bingo ( I typically pick up a few prizes from the Dollar Store.


No road trip is complete without snacks. We’re talking Twinkie, Hostess, Funyons, Combos, Skittles, junk food snacks!!

I mean, if healthy snacks are your jam, I applaud you!! I was curious about the most popular Road Trip snacks and found this article really interesting!
Road trip snacks: Ranking the 16 best – The Washington Post

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Pack Smart

Less is more?? I don’t know about that, but packing too much and having an overloaded car can really add stress where there doesn’t need to be any. My general rule of thumb for a Fri-Sun weekend getaway:
*3 outfits
*1 pair of shoes (in addition to the ones you wear in the car)
*bathing suit as needed
*coat as needed
*extra outfit and pjs for the kiddos

There are so many other things you could pack depending on where you are heading and your plans once you get there. Use your best judgement and trust me when I say that if you pack likely, you will thank yourself when you get home and have to unpack everything!!

Remember that episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” where the suitcase sits at the bottom of the stairs for 2 weeks?!?! Been there!!

Have fun, make memories and until next time,
~Bon Voyage Mon Ami

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