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5 Reasons to Splurge on Disney’s Memory Maker

Rapunzel's castle and lantern photo spot


If you are reading this article, you have likely already booked a Disney Vacation- Wahoo, Congratulations!!  You’ve already committed to the hotel cost, park tickets, dining plan and travel.  Now you are looking at all of the ‘extras’, wondering if they are worth the added expense.  I understand! One of these extras is Disney’s Memory Maker.  I think it’s a must on any Disney World Vacation and I’m going to outline 5 reasons why.

What is Disney's Memory Maker

Disney’s Memory Maker is a relatively affordable to way to capture all of your precious memories.  More on this below.  For now, this is a brief description of Memory Maker:

*Digital downloads of your Disney PhotoPass photos and videos.

*Select attraction photos and videos

*Iconic, professional photos taken by Disney PhotoPass photographers

*Magic Shots- featuring characters and more, added to your photos

For more info or to purchase Memory Maker for your Disney Vacation, visit this website:

Pricing for Memory Maker is outlined below.  You might be thinking, ‘oh, I’ll just purchase any PhotoPass photos that I want along the way rather than committing to the Memory Maker Package.’  I get it!  I’ve made that mistake.  The problem is, you’re going to love many of the pictures and the cost per PhotoPass photo is around $25 each.  Purchasing Memory Maker is the economical choice!


Number 1 Reason to Splurge on Memory Maker: Everyone gets in the photo, even Mom!

This is by far the number 1 reason that I splurge on Disney’s Memory Maker every time.  Whether it’s a 2 day Disney trip or a 7 day Disney trip, the photos are my souvenirs and I truly cherish them.  These family photos are of great quality and capture the memories in real time.

Reason Number 2: Ride Photos and Videos

I mean, do these photos capture the fun or what?!  The Haunted Mansion photo is my favorite!

Some other popular rides with photos include:

Magic Kingdom:
*Space Mountain
*Splash Mountain

Animal Kingdom
*Expedition Everest

Hollywood Studios
*Tower of Terror

*Test Track

Reason Number 3: The Special Effects (Magic Shots)

I LOVE the special effects, also known as Magic Shots.  Remember when I said that the photos are my Disney Vacation souvenirs, well the special effects are what really give them that feel.  I mean, that balloon bouquet looks real, doesn’t it?

There are different Magic Shots throughout the different parks.  They vary from season to season, with unique ones during holidays and festivals. As such, you could visit Disney often and still experience a new Magic Shot each time you go.  If you have any questions about where to take a picture with a certain Magic Shot, Disney PhotoPass employees should be able to point you in the right direction!

Reason Number 4: Character Experiences

The character experiences at Disney World are hands down the most memorable experiences on a Disney Vacation, especially when you have young children.  I love the ability to ‘be in the moment’ rather than frantically trying to take photos of my own.  The PhotoPass photographers and characters work in tandem to make sure that you walk away with the perfect photo each and every time!

Reason Number 5: Capturing Special Moments

There are no shortage of ‘add-ons’ when planning a Disney Vacation.  In addition to things like Memory Maker, there are dinner shows, boat cruises, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Pirates League Makeover and many, many more.  You know what is typically available with these amazing experiences?  You guessed it, a PhotoPass photographer!  If you have Memory Maker, it’s like having your own personal photographer documenting your special experience.  

A Disney Vacation is costly, and I understand the desire to cut costs where possible, but a week, month, years after the vacation, you will treasure having these photos.  I believe that you will be grateful you chose to splurge on Disney’s Memory Maker.

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