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Hi! My name is Jennifer.

I am a wife and Mom x3, and I love to vacation!  For me, it’s less about the travel and more about the quality time reconnecting with the people that I love.  We live a truly blessed life and man that life is crazy! Can you relate?

On my blog, you won’t see pictures of beautiful 20-somethings posing for photos in exotic places of the world.  Does this type of luxury travel look amazing?  Heck yeah it does!  But it’s not my reality. 

There will be plenty of lovely photos of me in yoga pants camping or our matching t-shirts at Disney World.  We also love beach vacations and the various options for weekend getaways (both with and without kids)!

I hope to inspire you to escape the chaos, create memories and reconnect with the people you love, while also providing ideas for making vacations attainable for all families.

~BonVoyage MonAmi
‘Good Travels My Friend’ 

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